Goddesses and Slaves

All good stories are never truly about things, only people. We are all here to explore our personal and mammalian evolutions, to reach deep inside, and lustily lap the serums of our subconscious. I've had the good fortune to play along side quite a few of the most intelligent, sexy, dominant women I've met, and brought many creatures, like yourself, along for a journey we've all found transformative.

Creatures love attention, seduction, and the most velvety of manipulations. 

I'm not sure when I realized I loved fucking with men so much... making them beg... watching them cry... making them laugh and plead and drool and agree with whatever I wanted at that moment. When did the domination start? My whole life. And somewhere in there, as I filled the boots of a prodomme through over the last decade that I've indulged myself so deeply in this secret world of earnest BDSM play, I realized the truth : men are here for Our amusement. So, why not give them the attention they crave, provided they earn it. Is it wrong I enjoy having all the cards? Is it terrible I don't let the touch Me except as I command? The power is MINE, and in My presence, prepare to see Me use it. This doesn't mean anything tooooooo horrible, now does it? Just get over here and do as I say... let it happen. I feel like having a little fun.

men are also here to be useful, to serve, to enhance the lives of the fairer sex, the only humans who can reproduce. We've all seen movies of captive males ruled over by Amazonian vixens. My world has no correspondence to any imagined patriarchy.... what a sham! All intelligent women know what you boys really want. We've got your number. And I know (and session with) quite a few intelligent women.

Some creatures, some slaves live for the whip. Corporal punishment is quite like hot sauce... let's have a little more. you can take it! The struggle to refrain and mete out punishment correctly is a mistress' artform.

Others, the sensual boys, live to serve in seduction. As a psychic vampyress, I own you. We can make your captivity lovely, or more correctly lovely for ME. What's better than one? Two mistresses to gang upon you, triangulate power, render you unable to resist... render you helpless.

Some creatures, some slaves just quiver at the sight of a pair of panties. They know what comes next - the silky embrace, the squeezing, the confinement, the freedom. you are no longer a man.

Why not lock it up, cage it, that attention hungry little ruiner of productivity? Keyholding... the raw power of owning the thing that owns you.... what will you do to ever touch it again? Or is being possessed so completely a reward in itself? you know you'll never fuck me. you know that thing is just toy and a tool. Let's see what locking it up can do for your attitude?


​​Full BDSM dungeon sessions

(Longer sessions are available at My discretion)



butler/maid service/cages etc

foot worship, massages, cleaning, catering


Vanilla-ish public meetings such as dinner, shopping, or theater

all expenses covered by you

(Some light domination, interesting scenarios)



requires weekly meetup + incarceration fee

All photography exclusive © Domina Serpentine

© 2019 Domina Serpentine

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